Silver State Schools: Credit Union - You Get A Car

Support your local teachers and educators

May 28, 2019

Silver State Schools Credit Union's President and CEO, Scott Arkills, wanted to make a difference in the Las Vegas community. Silver State Schools Credit Union has been supporting the financial needs of our teachers and educators for almost 70 years. Silver State Schools Credit Union chose Walter Long Steam Academy to reward a deserving teacher. The Principal at Walter Long Steam Academy, Katie Decker, was happy to recognize great work from a stand out candidate at her school. Decker says, "I've never seen people that can collaborate, come to the table, work as a team, more so than in this particular community."

Walter Long Steam Academy, Art specialist, Greg Winiewicz, was that candiate. He has been with the school district, CCSD, for 10 years now. Decker says, "Greg is a person that has a very strong heart and a care for the children, particularly working with children that are in at-risk schools." Winiewicz's spirit, love, genuine care and concern for all the kids is why he was chosen. 

Winiewicz wasn't expecting any kind of reward when he recieved an email to bring his kids out on the playground for Superintendent Jara's speech. His reaction was priceless when he was informed he would be recieving a brand new 2019 Chevy Cruze. Winiewicz says, "What a spectacular day, and I couldn't appreciate those students any more. They make me get out of bed every morning, I'm excited to be there, and I love each and every one of you guys."