Dean Lewis Joins Mercedes in the Morning

November 14, 2019

We had Australian singer and songwriter Dean Lewis on the show this morning! You may know him from his songs "Be Alright" and "Waves" and we are really excited to have Dean Lewis performing at Mercedes In The Morning's "Not So Silent Night" on Friday, December 6th at The Chelsea inside the Cosmopolitan! 

Because Dean Lewis is Australian we thought it would be fun to quiz him on some Australian slang terms like "Budgie Smuggler" and "Drungo" (which he was very aware of and got some good laughs) then we asked him if he knew what a "Lot Lizard" was and let's just say we had to school him on that one. 

We also found out the craziest rumor Dean Lewis heard about himself was his $5 Million Dollar Net Worth! He thought it was pretty funny and is wondering who has that money! 

Dean says what he misses about Australia the most is their Italian Coffee! Yum. Dean also found out that Johnny Rzeznik and Maddie Poppe share the same birthday that so happen to be the night before Not So Silent Night. When we asked him if he would sing 'Happy Birthday' to them he responded that the Goo Goo Dolls might say "Can You Stop?" We don't think so, but how cool would that be!

Make sure to buy your tickets to Not So Silent Night here.

Listen to the full audio with Dean Lewis here: