What's Trending: Jonas Brothers Have A New Christmas Song!

Jonas Brothers, Casual Attire, Will Smith, and BH90210

November 7, 2019

What’s Trending: Friday, November 8th, 2019

o     #JonasBrothers

§     The trio released their brand new Christmas track today.

§     It’s called “Like It’s Christmas” and it Is the third Christmas tune by the brothers but it is their first in 11 years.

§     Also, rumors about another potential breakup of the trio are not true.

§     Nick Jonas is speaking out and he says, “Once we reopened that door, there’s no closing it. Now we have a system in place with each other to kind of understand the “break up” word is not in our vocabulary anymore.”

o     #CasualAttire

§     Poll: Offices across the US are adopting more casual workplace attire.

§     71% of people say being in casual clothes allows them to feel more accomplished throughout the day.

§     And 82% say that feeling comfortable in their clothes allows them to be more productive at the office.

o     #WillSmith

§     He posted a video of his first colonoscopy.

§     He teased on Instagram, “They said you can’t get to 50 million followers on IG without showing your butt. So here I am, getting’ a colonoscopy for the clout.”

§     He shared the 17 minute video on YouTube, from prep to procedure.

§     And he actually found out that his doctor removed a polyp which turned out to be pre-cancer tissues.

§     He admitted that the results were sobering but is glad he is bringing awareness to how important it is to get the screening.

o     #BH90210

§     Sad news…The Peach Pit is officially closed.

§     Fox has confirmed that the revival of Beverly Hills, 90210, will not be returning for a second season after its limited run this summer.

§     They thanked the entire cast and crew for pouring their hearts and soul into “this truly inventive and nostalgic revival.”