Summer Of Safety 2019

Summer of Safety 2019

Follow These Tips to Keep Everyone Safe This Season

May 19, 2019

Triple-digit temperatures can only mean that it’s pool and lake season!  Entercom Las Vegas and our partners City of Las Vegas Fire & Rescue, Southern Nevada Toyota Dealers and Dignity Health Saint Rose Dominican want to make sure you've got a few great tips that can make this the SUMMER OF SAFETY!

Tip 1: Grownup supervision means grownups that know what to do in an emergency.  Make sure someone in your group knows CPR.  Every second counts, every second matters.

Tip 2: Fencing and doors that lead to pool areas should all come with childproof locks and be high enough that they remain out of reach for your little ones.

Tip 3: Always remember that while fun, pool inflatables are no replacement for life jackets.  They’re toys and should not be treated as water safety devices.

Tip 4: Never leave children unsupervised around the pool.  Not even for a moment.

Tip 5: Keep your pool area equipped for safety including a shepherds hook and a charged phone.  Also keep in mind that smartphones can overheat in the sunlight.  Keep yours in the shade so it’s ready to go in case of emergency.

Tip 6: Experts suggest that children aren’t fully developed for swimming until they near age 4.  Enrolling in swim classes earlier than that should be focused on floating and other ways to decrease risk of drowning.

Tip 7: Always wash hands with soap and water after using the restroom.  Highly contagious germs can be spread easily in pool areas.

Tip 8: City and county pools offer a number of swim safety classes for people of all ages.  You’re never too old to learn the keys to being a safe and competent swimmer.

Tip 9: An adult under the influence of alcohol or drugs is never a suitable supervisor for children playing in a pool area.

Tip 10: Keep your pool and hot tub water clean with a balance of the appropriate chemical levels, filtration and circulation.  This minimizes a number of risks related to rash, earaches, diseases and more.

Brought to you by City of Las Vegas Fire & Rescue, Southern Nevada Toyota Dealers and Dignity Health Saint Rose Dominican