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Fun Food Friday

Today we decided to try something fun on the air. We all brought in our favorite snacks to share and try on the air. What's your favorite snack? Try some of ours and watch JC's HILARIOUS reaction to having NUTELLA FOR THE FIRST TIME! Read More

Producers Steph & Jocelyn Interview Reilly Smith!

On Tuesday, newest addition to Mercedes in the Morning-- Producer Steph and Producer Jocelyn went down to the Las Vegas Ballpark to talk to Reilly Smith of the Vegas Golden Knights about the Battle For Vegas Charity Softball Game benefiting the Tyler Robinson Foundation! The SOLD OUT game is... Read More

What’s Trending: Friday, June 14th, 2019

What’s Trending: Friday, June 14th, 2019 #TaylorSwift § She announced a new song and album release date yesterday! § The new album is called “Lover!” and it’s set for release on August 23rd. § There’s 18 tracks on the romantic album and she dropped another single off of it last night. § It’s called... Read More

Free4All: Hit Ya Mahhks!

It was a celebration on today's #Free4All ! Long time F4A guests Kira Smethers turned 21 today, and Sam Nunley just turned 21 a couple weeks ago! So... why not call in a bartender to party! Afternoon host Shawn Tempesta tapped YouTube's "The Kazual Bartender" Mike Kaz to help Shawn make a special... Read More

The Horseshoe Sign: See Las Vegas' Neon Legacy

Benny Binion came to Las Vegas in 1946 to be a partner in the Las Vegas Club. In the early '50s, he bought the Apache Hotel, which he renamed The Horseshoe. He was the first to put carpet in a downtown casino and he was instrumental in creating the World Series of Poker. Most of Binion’s signage... Read More

The Story Behind The Frontier Sign

The Last Frontier was the second resort on the Strip and it featured a Western pioneer town and Las Vegas’ first wedding chapel—The Little Chapel of the West. In 1956, it hosted Elvis Presley ’s first appearance in Las Vegas. The hotel’s name was shortened to The Frontier after it was purchased by... Read More

What’s Trending: Thursday, June 13th, 2019

What’s Trending: Thursday, June 13th, 2019 #JustinBieber § He’s backing down from his initial request to fight Tom Cruise. § Earlier this week he tweeted, “I wanna challenge Tom Cruise to fight in the octagon. Tom if you don’t take this fight you’re scared and you will never live it down. Who is... Read More

Free4All: Anyway, He's Dead

Today's #Free4All was dangerously close to therapy for afternoon host Shawn Tempesta and his guests Angie Morales and Ricky Cornish . A story about a bystander delivering "sweet" justice to a boy who was disrespecting his mom in a store turned into a talk about how we punish our kids and how we... Read More

What’s Trending: Wednesday, June 12th, 2019

What’s Trending: Wednesday, June 12th, 2019 #USWNT § They opened World Cup play yesterday in historic fashion. § They beat Thailand 13-0, a record margin for the Women’s World Cup. § Alex Morgan’s individual tally of five goals tied a tournament record. § Some are criticizing the team, saying they... Read More