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The "Speed Stick" One

6:00 - Vegas Insiders. 7:00 - Secret Pets. Dad Songs. 8:00 - Borrowing Your Spouses Products. Worst Birthday. 9:00 - Movie Game. Crazy Friends. Read More

The "Senior Week" One

6:00 - Busted As A Kid. 7:00 - Broke Something The Fastest. Nudia’s Dating Dilemma. 8:00 - Cleaning Out The Measuring Cup. Senior Week. 9:00 - Sick of Blank. Read More

The "Vampire Diaries" One

6:00 - Mom Mantra. 7:00 - Mercedes Embarrassing Moment. Missed During Pandemic. 8:00 - Fortnite Excitement. TV Facts. 9:00 - Secrets You Kept. Read More

The "Lost Luggage" One

6:00 - Kids Watching Adult Shows. 7:00 - Vacation Gone Wrong. Hormonal Ladies. 8:00 - Buying A Bike. Knocked Out As Kid. Ice Cube Day. 9:00 - Marie (JC’s Alternate Universe Daughter). Read More
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Stay Connected: The State Of Real Estate with Nathan Strager

The COVID crisis has obviously up-ended the country, and here in Southern Nevada we have weathered a few storms. The 2008 recession saw real estate values drop by nearly 70% and the mass-unemployment seen once again has many worried of a second coming... but that hasn't been the case! Today on Mix... Read More