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Free4All: A Sauce With A Deadly Weapon

Condiments should not be used to batter someone. On today's #Free4All , Shawn Tempesta , Kira Smethers and Madeson Moritz tackled a ton of trending stories. From Taylor Swift being pretty angry, to a Mike Tyson Deepfake that will give you nightmares! Of course, as we do every show, we looked at the... Read More

What's Trending: Which Celeb Says They'd Make the Perfect Ursula?

What’s Trending: Monday, July 1st, 2019 #TaylorSwift § Her entire music catalog has just been acquired by Scooter Braun and she says this is her “worst case scenario.” § Justin Bieber’s manager bought Big Machine Group’s catalog for $300m and Taylor is saying how disappointed and betrayed she feels... Read More

Mercedes in the Morning: Eating Our Favorite Cereals!

We brought back Fun Food Friday this morning, but this time we brought in our Favorite/Cereals we wanted to try! Mercedes brought in Cinnamon Toast Crunch Churros, JC brought in Cocoa Pebbles, Steph brought Captain Crunch Berries, and Jocelyn brought in Corn Pops! What's your favorite cereal?... Read More

Mark McGrath Talks Mistaken Identity, Apologizes to Ethan Hawke

As a three time Rock ‘n’ Roll Jeopardy champion, groundbreaking musician, renowned television host, and, arguably, one the greatest showmen of his generation, Mark McGrath has carved out a nice little niche in entertainment history. Yet, despite reaching a level of celebrity that few artists enjoy... Read More
Rob Thomas

Bite of Las Vegas 2019: Rob Thomas

See Rob Thomas at Bite of Las Vegas, Sat., Sept. 14 at the Downtown Las Vegas Events Center TICKETS: Be there at Bite 2019 Life, love, and music eventually arrive full circle. We reach the place where we began not only wiser, but with more wonder for the bearing of the past on the future. Three-... Read More

Bite of Las Vegas 2019: Shinedown

See Shinedown at Bite of Las Vegas, Sat., Sept. 14 at the Downtown Las Vegas Events Center TICKETS: Be there at Bite 2019 A door opens. Footsteps lead to a chair inside of a nondescript room. A person sits down and exhales. As the breath releases, this protagonist experiences a physical, mental,... Read More