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Bite Of Las Vegas Food

Bite of Las Vegas FAQ: What's to Eat?

Bite of Las Vegas is food heaven for all! BITE OF LAS VEGAS 2019: Get your tickets today. Shawn Tempesta gives you the info on what to try at Bite of Las Vegas. Including... Aloha Kitchen Bok Bok Chicken The Cake Wagon And MANY MANY MORE! (For a full list click here) Purchase tickets to Bite of Las... Read More

What's Trending: "The Return of Alex Trebek"

What’s Trending: Tuesday, September 10th, 2019 #AlexTrebek He was back hosting the season 36 premiere of Jeopardy! He had been undergoing months of treatment for stage 4 pancreatic cancer. Despite a grim diagnosis, Trebek had said from the outset that he expects to survive his cancer. In May he... Read More

What's Trending: "Antonio Brown Signs Deal With Patriots"

What’s Trending: Monday, September 9th, 2019 #AntonioBrown After ups and downs with the Raiders before the season even started, the star Wide Receiver was let out of his contract and has found a new home. New England is giving him a one-year deal worth up to $15 million. It includes a $9 million... Read More

Free4All: Do You Kiss Your Chickens?

Today's #Free4All was another Flo Friday with Jennifer Florendo returning to the show with Shawn Tempesta! She immediately drops the gauntlet and gives away the the phone number to her burner phone! We covered a ton of stories including a report from the CDC, asking people to stop snuggling with... Read More

Bite of Las Vegas FAQ: Where Do I Park?

Mix 94.1 's Mercedes and JC give tips on "Where To Park" for Bite of Las Vegas happening September 14 at the Downtown Las Vegas Events Center . BITE OF LAS VEGAS 2019: Get your tickets today Here's Where To Park: 4 Parking Areas (Not including The D and The Golden Nugget) Download the ParkWhiz App... Read More

Mercedes in the Morning: Harder to Raise - Boys or Girls?

In your opinion, Who is harder to raise - Boys or Girls? We had a debate and we even got Mercedes' mom on the line to give her opinion. She even told us how Mercedes was hard to raise. Listen to the full conversation here: Harder to Raise - Boys or Girls What do you think? Are boys or girls harder... Read More

Free4All: Jay-Z Is Cher Of The Rap Game

A funny #Free4All today kicked off with breaking Vegas Golden Knights news! Shawn Tempesta , Angie Morales and Brett Ineck were in-studio and talked with' Jason Pothier on the signing of Jimmy Schuldt and gave us the lowdown on why it matters this season. Plus, Nicki Minaj is retiring... Read More

Radio Truth Or Dare: Football Edition

Video by Kevin Perry and Shahid Brown/Vegas Valley Video Mercedes and JC will play Radio Truth Or Dare. This week it's the test of sports; specifically football (Football Edition) Here's out it works...Whoever get's the dare has to suit up in football gear and every member of the show get's to... Read More

Enjoy Delicious Desserts at Bite of Las Vegas

By Rob Kachelriess BITE OF LAS VEGAS 2019: Get your tickets today Ready for something sweet? Every good meal deserves a delicious dessert and Mix 94.1's Bite of Las Vegas is no exception. The day-long event gets underway at 11 a.m. on Saturday, September 14 with more than 40 vendors, including... Read More