Mercedes In The Morning

The "Seger" One

MITM #1191 The "Seger" One
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hockey, Vegas Golden Knights

What's Trending: 5/21/20: Will the NHL Finals Be In Vegas? Taking A Break By Getting Take Out

What's Trending: NHL, Takeout, Megan Fox, Pineapple Freeze
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The "Blunt" One

MITM #1190 The "Blunt" One
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What's Trending 5/20/20: Lorde Teases New Album, Kristen Cavallari Calls It Quits

What's Trending: Lorde, Kristen Cavallari, Quarantine Body, Natty Light
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Ryan Seacrest

What's Trending 5/19/20: Rep Says Ryan Seacrest Did Not Have A Stroke, Who's Superior...MJ or Lebron?

What's Trending: Ryan Seacrest, Summer Travel, Michael Jordan, Ice Cream
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The "Yosemite" One

MITM #1188 The "Yosemite" One
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Megan Fox, Brian Austin Green

What's Trending 5/18/20: Brian Austin Green's Cryptic Post, Why You May Need To Get To The Airport A Lot Earlier Now

What's Trending: Brian Austin Greeen, Megan Fox, Airports, Tara Reid, Last Normal Photo
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The "Beaver" One

MITM #1187 The "Beaver" One
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Kanye West

What's Trending 5/15/20: Kanye's Ridiculous Bodyguard Rules, Gaga Launches A Vibrant Eyeshadow Palette

What's Trending: Kanye West, Face Masks, Melissa Etheridge, Lady Gaga
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The "Derek Jeter Shoe" One

MITM #1186 The "Derek Jeter Shoe" One
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