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Post Malone

What's Trending 5/14/20: Post Malone Is Saying "Rosé All Day!" And Katy Perry Reveals New Album Details

What's Trending: Post Malone, Groceries, Katy Perry, Tropical Smoothie Cafe
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Katy Perry

What's Trending 5/13/29: Will Katy and Taylor Collab, Hamilton Coming Sooner Than Expected

What's Trending: Katy Perry, Hamilton, Twitter, Small Face Challenge
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The “Buckaroo and Saddlebags” One

MITM #1185 The “Buckaroo and Saddlebags” One
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Ed Sheeran

What's Trending 5/12/20: Ed Sheeran Zoombombs A Class, A New #1 Best-Selling NFL Jersey

What's Trending: Ed Sheeran, NFL, Billie Eilish, Quarantine Friends
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The "Picnic" One

MITM #1184 The "Picnic" One
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Billie Eilish

What's Trending 5/11/20: Billie Gets Inspired In Quarantine, Shopping Is A Mood Booster

What's Trending: Billie Eilish, Online Shopping, Roy Horn, Clorox Wipes
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The "Discotheque" One

MITM #1183 The “Discotheque” One
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Allegiant Stadium

What's Trending: Las Vegas Raiders Get Big Primetime NFL Schedule, Nevada Reopens In Phase 1

What's Trending: Phase 1, Las Vegas Raiders, Stuck With U, Lockdown
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The "Expired" One

MITM #1182 The "Expired" One
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What's Trending: Adele's Transformation Causes Backlash, Elon Musk and Grimes Must Rename Baby

What's Trending: Adele, Elon Musk, Lady Gaga, Uber EATS
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