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Free4All - 20200206 - Censored

Free4All: Censored

Shawn & Steph have a secret conversation... in front of everyone.
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Free4All - 20200205 - It's Way More Fun To Watch A Puppet Do It

Free4All: It's Way More Fun To Watch A Puppet Do It

Strip headliner Terry Fator joined the show!
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Free4All - 20200204 - Premature Caucusing

Free4All: Premature Caucusing

Iowa's Caucus was an unmitigated disaster!
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Free4All - 20200203 - You Gotta Get It Wet

Free4All: You Gotta Get It Wet

Sam tells us how to order wings at Wingstop.
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Free4All - 20200131 - It's Big And It Tastes Good Enough

Free4All: It's Big And It Tastes Good Enough

DK explains how she makes her "plane soda"...
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Free4All - 20200130 - Dark Pee Wee

Free4All: Dark Pee Wee

Paul Reubens plans to bring back Pee-Wee Herman as a dark character!
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Free4All - 20200129 - That Is A Two Hand Job

Free4All: That Is A Two Hand Job

Kira flosses while she drives.
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Free4All - 20200128 - Siri What Is Statistical Fortitude

Free4All: Siri, What Is Statistical Fortitude?

Shawn gives solid dating advice to a "nice guy"...
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Free4All: KOBE!

Recapping a terrible Sunday out of California...
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Free4All - It's Hard

Free4All: It's Hard

The Men Of Vegas came by to surprise Jennifer for her birthday!
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