#Free4All with Shawn Tempesta

Free4All with Shawn Tempesta

Every weeknight at 7pm, join Shawn Tempesta for an hour (or more) that's funny, irreverent, interactive and entertaining! Life is throwing us curveballs this year - let Shawn and his rotating cast of characters (including YOU) turn your night around! Watch live on the Mix 94.1 Facebook Page or Twitch!

Free4All: ...Or Is It?

Shawn, Kira and Sam had flashbacks to Philosophy class on today's show.
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Free4All: Alas

Watch as Heather (middays) and Shawn (afternoons) fight like siblings.
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Free4All: San Jose Sharks Fans Stink

Today's guest had her little sister harassed while cheering on the Knights in San Jose. We will not forget.
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Free4All: "Are You Sucking On Anything?"

There are certain questions you don't expect to hear in the dental chair.
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Free4All: Juice Abuse

Summerlin resident Orenthal James Simpson has decided to open a Twitter account. This should go well.
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Free4All: Hit Ya Mahhks!

YouTube's "Kazual Bartender" Mike Kaz helps Shawn make drinks for the newly legal Kira and Sam!
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Free4All: Anyway, He's Dead

Grab the switch, boy! Today, we talked about sweet justice for a badly behaved kid on the #Free4All.
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Free4All: Jon Stewart Will "Never Forget"

Today former "Daily Show" host Jon Stewart took yet another trip to Washington DC to try to get 9/11 first responders permanent health care. We listened. You should too.
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Free4All: HookMates

Today's show covered a wide gamut of stories, and even sparked a new business idea!
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Free4All: Really Hot Antelope

In life, there are some sentences you don't expect to hear...
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