#Free4All with Shawn Tempesta

Free4All with Shawn Tempesta

Every weeknight at 7pm, join Shawn Tempesta for an hour (or more) that's funny, irreverent, interactive and entertaining! Life is throwing us curveballs this year - let Shawn and his rotating cast of characters (including YOU) turn your night around! Watch live on the Mix 94.1 Facebook Page or Twitch!

Free4All: Mazel Tov!

Shawn took a DNA test... and he learned something!
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Free4All: His Ratio Is Off

Midday host Heather Collins is beyond Instagram obsessed, and we are concerned.
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Free4All: Boop Bop Beep Boop

The first ever #Free4All with tears! REAL TEARS!
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Free4All: Snake Sex

A female anaconda got pregnant all by itself... and the three men on today's #Free4All are feeling threatened.
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Free4All: Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious

Disney superfans Ana and Denise in Promotions face off in a trivia battle for the ages!
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Free4All: Peacocks

JJ Snyder's stupid human trick: a Peacock impression.
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Free4All: Getting Into Some Gray Areas

From getting it on in the car, to dating your cousin, today's show got weird fast.
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Free4All: Game Of Thorns

No one - NO ONE - watching or a part of #Free4All today watched Game Of Thrones finale. But random accidental nudity?
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Free4All: RIP Grumpy Cat

Was it....MURDER?!
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Free4All: Frothy & Yellow

From how over-rated college can be, to how obnoxious some accents can be, and even foot smelling. Today's #Free4All had it all!
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