#Free4All with Shawn Tempesta

Free4All with Shawn Tempesta

Every weeknight at 7pm, join Shawn Tempesta for an hour (or more) that's funny, irreverent, interactive and entertaining! Life is throwing us curveballs this year - let Shawn and his rotating cast of characters (including YOU) turn your night around! Watch live on the Mix 94.1 Facebook Page or Twitch!

Free4All: Sam Smith Is Non-Binary

The singer came out as not being either male or female but a mix of the two in a recent interview.
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Free4All: Shawn's Traffic School

Sam is a lovely young lady who has never, ever been pulled over. Shawn is a middle aged man who has seen his share of traffic violations.
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Free4All: Bosom Buddies

Shawn's Tight Shirt Started A Conversation...Is It Cold In Here?
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Free4All: Vegas Drivers

Face it, Vegas. We stink.
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Free4All: Flightmares

The skies aren't always friendly, and we dish on our least enjoyable flights.
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Free4All: Shawn's Food Poisoning Story

Shawn's 2019 has so far included a general sickness, strep throat, getting hit by a tractor trailer, and now food poisoning.
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Free4All: "Gablooshed His Boosh"

One man's excruciating pain is our really cruel laughter.
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Free4All: Heather's (& Audrey's) Speling Be

Midday host Heather Collins and competing host from KLUC Audrey Lee try their hand at spelling.
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Free4All: Riley's "Speling Be"

Street teamer Riley can't afford to repair her car, and can't spell. Which means, it's time for a cruel game show.
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Free4All: The Naked Magicians

The magic will make your jaw drop... and that's before their pants drop!
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