#Free4All with Shawn Tempesta

Free4All with Shawn Tempesta

Every weeknight at 7pm, join Shawn Tempesta for an hour (or more) that's funny, irreverent, interactive and entertaining! Life is throwing us curveballs this year - let Shawn and his rotating cast of characters (including YOU) turn your night around! Watch live on the Mix 94.1 Facebook Page or Twitch!

Free4All: Fast Food Favorites

No matter how much weight Shawn and Heather lose, they will always be fat kids at heart.
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Free4All: "How Did We Get Here?!"

How can such a innocuous conversation about the tooth fairy go so, so wrong?
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Free4All: VGK Gets Mark Stone

The Golden Knights made a trade with Ottawa, losing Oscar Lindberg, a future superstar in Erik Brannstrom in the minor leagues, and a draft pick. In return? Mark Stone. Stud, or dud? SinBin guys tell us whats up.
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Free4All: Name That Condiment

Blindfolds. Heather Collin's credit card. And the condiment aisle. A disgusting combination.
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Free4All: Slapping Bullies

Parents know the feeling all too well. Their kid is getting bullied at the school. The school doesn't do anything and you're left to your own thinking. Should you get involved?
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Free4All: Khloe's Done With Tristan

There is a lot to keep up with with Khloe Kardashian and her on-again off-again romance with NBA star Tristan Thompson. That's why Shawn punted the conversation to Audrey Lee, who is all over the story and the drama that came along with it.
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Free4All: Jussie Smollett Was "Cake Eater"

Only on the #Free4All can a story about Jussie Smollett's insane "attack" investigation turn into an in-depth conversation about dinner plates, The Mighty Ducks , and how bad Anaheim's hockey team is.
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Free4All: The Therapy Episode

There are Free4Alls... and then there are Friday Free4Alls. JJ Snyder stopped by along with Producer Jen from Mercedes In The Morning for a therapy session like no other.
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Free4All: "How Many Kisses?" Challenge

In life, there are people who watch, and people who do. On Valentine's Day, Mix 94.1 staff gathered together for the 1st Annual "How Many Kisses?" Challenge!
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Free4All: Shawn's Birthday Waxing

February 13, 2019 marked the day afternoon host Shawn Tempesta is legally able to run for President - his 35th birthday. The video that follows will surely make him ineligible to hold any elected office.
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