#Free4All with Shawn Tempesta

Free4All with Shawn Tempesta

Every weeknight at 7pm, join Shawn Tempesta for an hour (or more) that's funny, irreverent, interactive and entertaining! Life is throwing us curveballs this year - let Shawn and his rotating cast of characters (including YOU) turn your night around! Watch live on the Mix 94.1 Facebook Page or Twitch!

Free4All: Emoojis (Or Hairy Nipples)

We couldn't decide on the best title of today's show, so we went with both.
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Free4All: Don't Smoke Crack

A show full of Shawn roasting Kira blew up in his face at the end.
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Free4All: Lindsey Stirling!

The incredibly talented, kind and beautiful Lindsey Stirling joined us for the whole show!
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Free4All: Dr. Dickie, The Ball Retriever

Shawn recalls his son's surgery that was on the hunt for his family jewels.
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Free4All: Mine Is Bigger Than Yours

It's not what you think! Shawn got a standing desk!
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Free4All: Magician Mat Franco

One of the nicest and most talented performers on the Strip joins the show for magic and nonsense!
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Free4All: Freckly Faced *******

With today being the first day of school, Shawn flashed back to his elementary school foe.
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Free4All: Paranoid Bottoms

Some stories get better the more you read them...
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Free4All: When Shawn Lost Control

Kira's aunt Tanya drove in from Pahrump for the show... and WOW is she hilarious!
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Free4All: Sad Parachutes

Angie talks about the state of bra shopping after Frederick's closed all it's stores.
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