Shawn Tempesta

Shawn Tempesta

Mon-Fri: 2PM

Hey! I'm Shawn and since 2010, I've been playing your requests, giving you huge prizes, and doling out the best dad jokes in Southern Nevada, afternoons on Mix 94.1! Not born here. Not raised here. But I've grown up here since moving here from Boston in 2006!

I am a massive nerd. From "Double Dare" to "Back To The Future," PC's, Android, and basically anything else that got me stuffed in lockers when I was in junior high.

When I'm not in the Mix studio, you can find me weekday mornings at 9AM on "The Morning Blend" on 13 Action News, or losing my voice at Vegas Golden Knights games (Section 220, what's up!)... or on occasion home with my wife Marsha, my adorable toddler Colin, and my dog Pesky and cats Niki and Violet!

ALSO -- check out Shawn every weekday at 4 p.m. for the Free4All LIVE on the Mix 94.1 Facebook page.

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