Confessions of Heather Collins: Why Am I Single? *BONUS EP*

Friday, July 31st

Hey guys it's Heather Collins! Thank you for all the amazing comments and love about Confessions of a dating app, Nudia and I feel so loved by all the amazing feedback and we really apperciate all of you! That being said I wanted to do some off the show episodes that are a little more serious and raw....Welcome to my confessions. 

This week has been insanly diffcult for me and i've had a lot of realization moments. Check it out...let me know what you think and I hope what I say you all can understand and not judge me for, ans if anything be more supportive. If you are feeling the same me! Let's talk about it. 

As Always.....thank you!!!!! I love you all, talk to you on Tuesday/Wednesday XOXOXO

<3 Heather Collins