Mercedes In The Morning

Two local, Las Vegas friends discuss life, current events, and everything else that pops into their heads. It's the Pick Me Up that everyone needs! Pop culture and real tribulations! This show is funny, with a flare, never boring and always informative. Come join our family.


MITM #888-- The "Bunny Rabbit" One

6:00- Mercedes wants Matt to get rid of something 7:00- JC still abides by furniture rules, Ladies try their hand at this celebrity impression 8:00- The Debut...

MITM #887-- The "Moonfruit" One

6:00- Mercedes tried an interesting home remedy on her daughter 7:00- We go through some first date red flags, Mercedes gets morbid about music 8:00- JC still...

MITM #886-- The "So Faaaancy" One

6:00- Mercedes and JC thought these things were fancy growing up 7:00- Mercedes saw a horrible sports parent over the weekend, JC says you CAN'T have this as...

MITM #885--The "Drunkies" One

6:00- JC is afraid to become "That Uncle" 7:00- Mercedes saw someone do something that made a little kid hate them, Everyone has been like Lady Gaga at one...

MITM #884-- The "Beer O'Clock" One

6:00- All of us have weird things that freak us out 7:00- Mercedes found a funny new way to mess with her family, Mercedes is obsessed with The Masked Singer 8...