Mercedes in the Morning

Mercedes In The Morning

Two local, Las Vegas friends discuss life, current events, and everything
else that pops into their heads. It's the Pick Me Up that everyone needs! Pop
culture and real tribulations! This show is funny, with a flare, never boring
and always informative. Come join our family.
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Mercedes in the Morning

MITM #1220 The "2 Live Crew" One

6:00 - What Are You Looking Forward To? 7:00 - Sneezing In Public. Best 4th Of July Songs. 8:00 - Video Game Names. Drinking With Parents. 9:00 - The Last To...
Mercedes in the Morning

MITM #1215 The "Horse Tooth" One

6:00 - Rules To Brushing Your Teeth. 7:00 - Fighting With Spouse. Roll Down Window Songs. 8:00 - Odd Compliments. Kid Snacks. 9:00 - Smashed In Anger. Pets...