Mercedes in the Morning

Mercedes In The Morning

Two local, Las Vegas friends discuss life, current events, and everything
else that pops into their heads. It's the Pick Me Up that everyone needs! Pop
culture and real tribulations! This show is funny, with a flare, never boring
and always informative. Come join our family.
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Mercedes in the Morning

MITM #1214 The “CeraVe” One

6:00 - Birthday Dilemma. 7:00 - Things That Are Overrated. Throwback TV Shows. 8:00 - Nevada Questions. Mercedes Will. 9:00 - Neighbors Trash. Funny Amazon...
Mercedes in the Morning

MITM #1213 The "Undertaker" One

Due to technical issues only part of the show has been uploaded. Full show should be back tomorrow! JC 8:00 - The Undertaker Retires. How Did You Lose A Tooth...
Mercedes in the Morning

MITM #1212 The "Didgeridoo" One

6:00 - Dusty Rhodes And Famous Names. 7:00 - Accidental Kid Exposure. Road Trip Games. 8:00 - False Teeth Comedy. Sound Effect Game. 9:00 - Best Way To Make...
Mercedes in the Morning

MITM #1209 The "Senior Week" One

6:00 - Busted As A Kid. 7:00 - Broke Something The Fastest. Nudia’s Dating Dilemma. 8:00 - Cleaning Out The Measuring Cup. Senior Week. 9:00 - Sick of Blank.