Holidays Begin Here

Justin from Disney Joins Mercedes in the Morning

We kicked off Disneyland's Holiday Season with their 'Holiday Begins Here' by broadcasting live from the Happiest Place on Earth! Justin from Disneyland joined the show and he talked about his position as a Disney Ambassador, Mickey's Happy Holidays, the best food to eat - stuffing with macaroni...
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Stephanie From Disney Joins Mercedes in the Morning

This morning we broadcasted live from Disneyland and we had some wonderful Disney cast members on the show and talk about the amazing things that Disneyland is doing for the Holiday Season. Stephanie from Disney has all the pro tips and Disney insider for Mercedes and J.C. Take a listen and hear...
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Mercedes and JC got the holiday season started at the happiest place on Earth-- Disneyland

Mercedes and JC got in the Holiday Spirt Monday Morning while broadcasting LIVE from the Happiest Place on Earth-- Disneyland. They got the chance to talk to Disney Cast Members about all of the amazing things you can see for the Holiday Celebrations at the Disneyland Resort. Holidays Begin Here!...
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