Carlos Santana

Bite of Las Vegas 2019: Carlos Santana Talks Las Vegas Love and 20 Years of Smooth

The man, the legend Carlos Santana talks Las Vegas, Smooth -- and lots of love -- with Mercedes and JC at Bite of Las Vegas 2019.
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Bite Unseen: Mercedes and JC Blind Taste Test a Flavorful Skewer

Bite of Las Vegas is just days away! And everyone is really excited about the FOOD!
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Bite Unseen Volcano Grill

Bite Unseen: Mercedes and JC Blind Taste Test a Delicious Bowl

Mercedes and JC loved the meat from Volcane Grille
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What's Your Fav Thing You Own That Was Really Cheap?

Earlier this morning we talked about something Mercedes bought that's been getting a ton of compliments. She was excited to share with everyone that it was relatively CHEAP-- only $22 on Amazon. Check out her super cute maxi dress and if you'd like, here's the link where she bought one!
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Mercedes Presents Backstreet Boys with a 20th Anniversary Plaque

If there's a major career milestone approaching and the Backstreet Boys want to celebrate, who do they turn to? Well, Mercedes, of course!
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NSSN 2018: Blue October

NSSN 2018: The Blue October-Mix 94.1 Lovefest

Sometimes, a band and a radio station just come together like magic.
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NSSN 2018: Matt Nathanson

NSSN 2018: Matt Nathanson Wore a Nose Chain?!

Matt Nathanson is a smart, funny, talented guy with personality to spare -- and it was all on display at Not So Silent Night 2018 .
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NSSN 2018: Ashlee + Evan

NSSN 2018: Ashlee + Evan: What's on Your Christmas List?

After starring in their hit E! series, the pop stars are ready to embark on a tour next year -- but not before stopping in for a set at Not So Silent Night 2018.
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Producer's Notes 10/22/18

Today on the show we heard about Mercedes being chastised by a stranger and JC's new annoying habit. Over the weekend Mercedes says she was upset about how she was chastised while grabbing some Starbz over the weekend. Someone who'd fallen on hard times asked for some spare change while her and her...
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MAX at Bite of Las Vegas 2018

Bite of Las Vegas 2018: MAX Covers It All!

There may have been no one in all of Desert Breeze Park happier to be at Bite than the pride of Hells Kitchen, New York -- MAX!
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