Shawn Tempesta

Echosmith at Bite of Las Vegas 2018

Bite of Las Vegas: Echosmith's New Album is Crowning!

Echosmith isn't ready to announce a date for the release of their much-anticipated second album quite yet, but we're definitely getting very close.
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Hoobastank at Bite of Las Vegas 2018

Bite of Las Vegas: Hoobastank -- 25 Years, Man!

Didja know you can go to Japan and tour the country in facsimile MarioKart vehicles? These are the kinds of things a band that's been in the game as long as Hoobastank pick up.
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A Great Big World; Bite of Las Vegas, Sept. 15, 2018

Bite of Las Vegas 2018: A Great Big World Talks Younger, New Album and...Sesame Street?

If you're like most of us here at Mix, you can't get the infectious bounciness of A Great Big World's enternally playful single "Younger" out of your head. So...who much of Younger's gaze back at youth is based on real life.
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Gavin DeGraw

Is Gavin DeGraw Going...Country?

Is singer, songwriter and all-around good dude Gavin DeGraw about to go country? We asked him...and he didn't say no!
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